In Mexico, many children grow up without basic needs.

They need love, a roof over their heads, enough food and a good education.


These children are often left on their own and live on the streets.

It is not far to fetch that especially these children tend to become criminal and corrupt.

Offering these children hope for a better future has become a major concern for the Berea organisation. The organisation conveys a lifestyle of living in awe, honesty, with values and with a goal in mind.

How does HOPE IN YOUR HANDS work with Berea Foundation Mexico ?

The HOPE IN YOUR HANDS® foundation, a legally established foundation in Switzerland, financially supports the local Mexican foundation " Berea Foundation".

Berea Foundation has six lunches for children who live in very poor conditions or on the streets. The children have access to sufficient and healthy food. The children are not only supported by food but can also benefit from a wide range of support.
They are supported in their education and learn the basics of life like
e.g. hygiene habits and work habits.

To support children in their education, the Berea organisation runs a private school from kindergarten to secondary school. Currently 120 children have the chance to benefit from an education in Berea.

Berea is dependent on sponsorships and support to enable children to get a place in school.

Many volunteers offer courses for children but also especially for their mothers.

These are courses such as healthy cooking, baking, sewing etc.

These courses always involve costs, which can only be made possible thanks to donations.



The leaders of the Berea organization would like to open a home for orphans and children from the street.

The necessary resources for this large project are still lacking.

With the purchase of a product from LifeStyle & Hope , enable children in Mexico to acquire a new lifestyle.